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    Improved Patient Activation Approaches

    Chronic Care Innovators provides extensive solutions for efficient and effective health improvements. We support healthcare organizations (HCOs) in providing dynamic patient engagement platforms aimed at improving patient activation. This is to develop patients’ health knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage their own health and care.

    Message From Our CEO

    “The connection and communication between patients and their clinicians are at the very heart of patient-centered healthcare delivery. The current body of evidence demonstrates that patients who are more actively involved in their healthcare experience not only have better health outcomes but also incur lower costs.
    Here at Chronic Care Innovators, we are focused on delivering models of medical care delivery that are patient-centered that demonstrate the capacity to improve quality of care, as well as patient satisfaction. We create a patient engagement experience that leads to improved patient adherence, better outcomes, all while lowering cost for healthcare organizations (HCOs). These are the core competencies of Chronic Care Innovators (CCI), and Patient Engagement is the CORE of Population Health.”

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    We know that "Virtual Reality Patient Engagement" (VRPE) models are less mature versions of the current Patient Engagement and Health markets. But we also know it is the future of healthcare, and the experts agree with us. Price Waterhouse Cooper estimates the Patient Engagement market will grow over 40% in the United States by 2020. Contact our patient engagement company today to inquire about our patient activation approaches. Our dedicated healthcare IT team will not only support your healthcare needs but also bring your organization and patients improved outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and improved healthcare cost.

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