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    Are you looking for innovative patient engagement platforms? Trust Chronic Care Innovators  for quality telehealth solutions. We offer patient engagement platforms for various healthcare organizations in the United States and abroad. To learn more about the services we offer, browse through our gallery.

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    The Study on Patient Engagement

    In 2012, the final rules for Stage 2 Meaningful Use were handed down by ONC, which included requirements surrounding patient engagement. The ONC’s commitment to enhancing patient engagement and patient/provider communication was at the center of Stage 2 Meaningful Use.
    Prior to the ONC ruling, Kaiser released the results of their 2009 Patient Engagement study. Kaiser's study compared engaged patients enrolled in a coordinated cardiac care plan compared to those not enrolled.
    The study revealed that the engaged patients in the coordinated care plan had an 88% reduced risk of dying of a cardiac-related cause when enrolled within 90 days of a heart attack, compared to those not in the program.
    In addition, the study also revealed that "patient engagement-clinical care teams reduced overall mortality by 76% and cardiac mortality by 73%.”

    Patient Engagement Data

    In addition to Kaiser's Study are these patient engagement data:

    • Increased online patient engagement can result in a 90% satisfaction rate for both patients and physicians.

    • Only 10% of Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) are engaging patients to maintain wellbeing.

    • Over 50% of unengaged patients report not understanding their health information and the care instructions once leaving their HCP.

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